Part of Centro Latino’s outreach includes educating the non-Latino community about its neighbors. Centro Latino volunteers and social justice advocates welcome the opportunity to speak with churches and civic groups about immigrant and migrant peoples, the vital role they play in the local economy, and their often overlooked contributions to the fabric of our Central Kentucky community. To arrange a presentation and discussion with a Centro Latino representative, please send a message to

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Early Childhood

Multiple studies have shown that children who have a preschool education have a higher rate of academic success, fewer behavioral issues, are more likely to graduate high school, and are more likely as adults to have gainful employment. Centro Latino helps Latino families connect with early education programs that provide children with the best possible start in life.

Kentucky Head Start
Head Start promotes school readiness in children from low-income families. Head Start programs provide cognitive, social, and emotional development while encouraging children’s growth in areas such as language, literacy, and social and emotional development. Head Start seeks to build relationships with families and to honor parents as their children’s first teachers.

Wilderness Trace Child Development Center
Wilderness Trace Child Development Center crafts an early educational experience that engages children of diverse abilities. Special needs children receive speech, occupational, and physical therapies in a classroom setting while sharing in a certified preschool curriculum with their typically developing peer models. All children learn while developing leadership and compassion.

Little Lighthouse Daycare
Little Lighthouse Daycare is in the heart of downtown Danville and offers services for families with young children in need of childcare. They have certified employees and has been in business since 2006. They have a sister location in Bryantsville, KY.
This is a website with fun learning games targeted at preschool children ages 3 to 4. It has fun activities to help children learn numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. It is an easy to use website to keep the learning happening at home.

Elementary, Middle, and High School Learners

Intentional program is provided for middle school and high school students. Middle school students will meet once a month to encourage college readiness through forming relationships with each other and Centre college student volunteers. High school students are informed about FAFSA, scholarship opportunities, and assisted with college applications.

After School Program
Centro Latino collaborates with Centre College to identify students for the After school tutoring Program. K-12 English Language learners  are paired-up with a Centre College student that serves as and tutor and mentor for the students of Danville/Boyle.
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GED – General Education Diploma
Centro Latino refers individuals to the adult education facility to work on their GED. The GED may be taken in English or Spanish.

Boyle County High School Counseling Office
Links to ACT and SAT resources, scholarships, college preparedness, and other academic resources.  

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