College Readiness Programs

After School Program

Centro Latino collaborates with Centre College to identify students for the After school tutoring Program. K-12 English Language learners  are paired-up with a Centre College student that serves as and tutor and mentor for the students of Danville/Boyle.

Summer Program

Summer camps are provided for K-12 students whose primary language is not English. 

Middle and High School (college and career readiness)

Intentional program is provided for middle school and high school students. Middle school students will meet once a month to encourage college readiness through forming relationships with each other and Centre college student volunteers. High school students are informed about FAFSA, scholarship opportunities, and assisted with college applications.

Early Childhood Program

Centro Latino works to identify 3 and 4 year olds for preschool. Parent participation is encouraged so that it may carry-on through the child’s academic future. Families are assisted in enrollment into preschool and Head Start.

ESL-English as a Second Language

English as a Second language classes are offered as needed.

GED- General Education Diploma

Centro Latino refers individuals to the adult education facility to work on their GED. The GED may be taken in English or Spanish.

Science...predicting and charting actual results

Science…predicting and charting actual results


Density… time for everyone

Nick…one time for everyone

600528_10200561837507616_1332038115_nThe Warehouse After School Program provides tutors and mentors for students whose primary language is something other than English.









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